Monday, August 4, 2008

The importance of using a tripod

One of the things that I continually stress in my photography class is the importance of shooting with a tripod. The pictures below are a great example. I went out to the C&O Canal about 9 am to do some shooting. When I got there I realized that I forgot my tripod at home. "No worries" I thought, the sky was clear & I have image-stabilization on my 80-400 lens. However, even with the IS, the light on the canal is very tricky...the good shots are rarely in the perfect light, the subjects like to hang out in the dark shady portions. Even with the ISO pushing to 400 & 800 I was having a very hard time getting a shutter speed fast enough for sharp focus images.

Two otters look on in disgust & disbelief as I struggle with the 1/30th shutter speed at ISO 400.
A heron poses for me, unaware of the difficulty I'm having with this handleld shot at 400mm.
Another thoughtful heron poses, but fails to get immortalized with a sharp image.

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