Saturday, September 20, 2008

Casselman Bridge - with buggy

Ok, this may be one of those photos that doesn't impress anyone except myself, but here's a little background. The Casselman Bridge was built in 1813 (with its 80 foot span, was the longest single span stone arch bridge in the world during the era of the National Road) and it was closed to traffic in 1953. It runs parallel to Historic Route 40 just outside of Grantsville, Maryland. Currently some construction has Route 40 closed, so they temporarily opened the Casselman Bridge to non-motorized traffic.
Many of the best photos result from luck, being in the right place at the right time. I was working at the Artisan Village that day when I happend to hear the clop-clop of a horse approaching. I grabbed my camera & bolted out of the cabin, managing to get a few shots as the buggy passed over the highest point in the arch. I adjusted it slightly in post-processing to give it an aged appearance. You can also see the original here.


gcriff said...

Good work Bill. You're a photographer after my own heart.

Awdrey M. Hamilton said...

It impress' me! I think it's just beautiful. I don't recall ever seeing this one on the other sites.

Ruth C. Taylor said...

It impressed me too Bill. Glad you bolted :)) I love scenes with buggies