Saturday, October 11, 2008

Western Maryland Fall color - (Casselman Bridge & pond abstracts)

These first three shots were taken at Casselman Bridge State Park shortly after sunset on Friday evening. All three images were shot with a +8 ND filter to further slow the shutter speed. Actual settings are below the images.

f8 / 3.2 second shutter / ISO 200

f16 / 3.2 second shutter / ISO 200

f16 / 4 second shutter / ISO 200

These three shots were at a pond in Western Maryland that was surrounded by beautiful foliage. These three shots were zoomed to 70 mm from the bank of the pond to capture the abstract reflections.

f2.8 / 1/200th second / ISO 200

f2.8 / 1/500th second / ISO 200

f2.8 / 1/320th second / ISO 200

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