Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cumberland at Night photo awarded Best in Show

My ‘Cumberland at Night’ photograph on canvas was awarded Best in Show at the recent opening reception for the 7th Annual Members' Exhibition at the Saville Gallery at 9 N. Centre street in downtown Cumberland Maryland. It was quite an honor, as they were 56 fantastic pieces of artwork in the show.

I had a great time discussing the image with everyone at the reception, there were a lot of questions and I hope I was able to answer everyone. In the excitement it felt like a bit of a whirlwind, so I thought I’d take a moment to answer some of the more frequent questions.

Is it real or is it a composite image?
It’s definitely real. As I explained to someone, a composite would have taken way too much computer-time and I hate sitting in front of a computer working on photos, I’d rather be out shooting. The effect that makes the buildings look so close together is a ‘telemash’, which is the compression of objects by using a high focal length lens. In this photo I used a 400mm lens.

How much processing did you do?
Nothing was added or removed from the image; the scene is exactly as I shot it. I increased the contrast a slight bit (maybe 5%) to bring out a little more definition in the lines of the buildings and I increased the Red saturation a little (maybe 10%) to bring out more color in the bricks. Total processing time was about 30 seconds.

What were the camera settings?
This was the most frequent question from the other photographers, and unfortunately I couldn’t remember. I guessed f16 (since I shoot at f16 a lot at night…it helps with the ‘starburst effect’), but couldn’t remember the shutter. When I checked the exif info the actual settings are f16, 30 sec shutter, ISO 200. The image was taken with a 40D with the Sigma 80-400 lens. The image was taken at dusk, about 1/2 hour after the sun went down.

Where did you have in printed?
The printing was done by Canvas on Demand. I highly recommend them, everything they’ve printed for me has been great and the customer service is one of the most helpful that I’ve ever dealt with. I use them for all of my canvas printing.

Do you offer the print in other sizes?
I guess not everyone wants a 4 foot by 3 foot version on their wall. I offer matted versions of the print at Arts at Canal Place and Along the Towpath, both are located at the Shops at Canal Place in Cumberland, Maryland. You can also purchase non-matted versions here in various sizes (just use the shopping cart feature). Of course you can always Email me too, I’ll be glad to help you get what you’re looking for.

Thanks again to the Allegany Arts Council and thanks to everyone at the opening reception. It was an exciting evening & I truly appreciate the award.

To see more pictures of the image hanging in the gallery, click here.


Edwin Loyola said...

congrats! a topnotch image...

edwin loyola

Steve Gray said...

Excellent job, Bill! Congratulations on the well-deserved award.

gc said...

Hey Bill, way to go. You work hard, as well as have fun, in creating your images and that work does pay off. Congratulations, Bill. I'm happy for you.


Merlavage Images said...

Thanks guys