Sunday, November 9, 2008

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - Maryland Heights overlook

Although fall foliage is past peak in Western Maryland, I heard there was still some color down towards Harpers Ferry, so I packed up the gear & took a drive this morning.
Two things I learned:
- The steep hike to Maryland Heights is exhausting
- Maryland Heights is a VERY windy place.
The wind was so strong at the top that my tripod was useless. If I had set it down unattended it would have easily blown over. I ended up using it like a monopod to capture these images.

f16 - 1/5th second shutter - ISO 100

f16 - 1/20th second shutter - ISO 100

f3.2 - 1/320th second shutter - ISO 100

f3.2 - 1/1000th second shutter - ISO 100

More images from this shoot can be found here - Maryland Heights overlook


Steve Gray said...

Great scenery, Bill! I envy you for your location. And I see you're using a 40D now. Cool!

Merlavage Images said...

Thanks Steve