Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter ice storm in Western Maryland

An overnight ice storm turned the Frostburg / Finzel area into what appeared to be an infared scene. The trees were coated in a layer of thick white ice and snow.

Interstate 68, near the Finzel exit.
Named Photo of the Day at Digital Image Cafe 12/23/08

The frosted hillside

More frosted hillside

Not going anywhere for awhile? Note the house in the scene.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Fripperies, Fripperies and more Fripperies...

Jamie & I were set-up at a show last weeekend and the last hour of the last day was going a little slow, so we decided to do a quick photo shoot of her entire product line...and when I say quick, I mean quick...92 items, 2 shots of each item in less than an hour.
From a photography point of view, it's nothing outstanding, it was a quick shoot with available light & the available background of our booth...and no processing was done to the images since just we wanted quick uploads.
The beauty is in the product. If you haven't already checked out the Fripperies line, you certainly should. Surely you know a child who would love one of these....or in the case of the purses, think how cool you'd look with a frog camera bag.

Here's the full Fripperies shop and the official Fripperies website.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Night time in Mt Carmel, Pennsylvania

I took a trip up to Mount Carmel, Pa this past the heart of the Coal Region. I did a lot of photography in the area, both in the daytime and at night.

What I enjoy about night photography is how a subject that looks ordinary by day can transform into something vivid and colorful at night. I also enjoy how reflections on the wet street can totally change the composition.

Anthracite Fire Company - 3rd & Market street
f16 - 2 second shutter - ISO 200

Pizza Shop on 3rd & Oak street
f16 - 1.3 second shutter - ISO 200

The Shop at Avenue & Oak street
f16 - 1/6th second shutter - ISO 200

Oak street
f16 - 2 second shutter - ISO 200

Additional photos ot Mt Carmel are here Mount Carmel pictures.