Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Night time in Mt Carmel, Pennsylvania

I took a trip up to Mount Carmel, Pa this past the heart of the Coal Region. I did a lot of photography in the area, both in the daytime and at night.

What I enjoy about night photography is how a subject that looks ordinary by day can transform into something vivid and colorful at night. I also enjoy how reflections on the wet street can totally change the composition.

Anthracite Fire Company - 3rd & Market street
f16 - 2 second shutter - ISO 200

Pizza Shop on 3rd & Oak street
f16 - 1.3 second shutter - ISO 200

The Shop at Avenue & Oak street
f16 - 1/6th second shutter - ISO 200

Oak street
f16 - 2 second shutter - ISO 200

Additional photos ot Mt Carmel are here Mount Carmel pictures.


gcriff said...

Cool shots, Bill. On the Oak St. shot I can just picture you running out into the middle of the street, setting up your tripod with your camera on it, taking the photo and then calmly walking back off :-)


Steve Gray said...

Excellent images, Bill. I hope you didn't freeze too much! One question, though: While I see that aperture and ISO are constant across all the shots, the shutter speed varies. Were you shooting in Av mode, or is the variance from you bracketing?


Merlavage Images said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Steve, when I shoot at night, I generally have an idea in my head of what the shutter speed will be at f16. Most of the time AV mode gets me there, but often I end up having to go to M to lighten or darken the scene to taste.

I rarely use a aperture number lower than f16, unless I'm trying to control starbursts. Occasionally I got higher (f22, etc) if I want to use a longer shutter.

As for consistent ISO, I rarely tweak my ISO. I mostly just compensate with the Aperture/Shutter controls. Moving objects require a higher ISO, but for night landscapes, it really doesn't matter.