Sunday, February 8, 2009

Frozen photography fun at Swallow Falls State Park

I travelled to Swallow Falls State Park this morning to shoot some waterfalls with four other WMPA photographers. The weather started out nasty, pea-soup thick fog and steady rain, which made the icy trails even more treacherous....but the rain eventually cleared up after the first hour or so.
Some of the steep trails were just too icy to navigate, so I ended up getting some pictures from new vantage points that I hadn't shot from before.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:

Early morning fog and ice covered trails

Muddy Creek Falls - the tallest waterfall in Maryland

Tolliver Falls - from the opposite side of the steam (after a long hike through thick brush)

The heavy ice rerouted some streams and created new waterfalls

The sun eventually made an appearance....just as it was time to leave

To see more images from the shoot and more images on Muddy Creek Falls, Swallow Falls & Tolliver Falls - click here.

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