Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter storm at Blackwater Falls

I always wanted to see Blackwater Falls in the snow, so when I saw that Tucker County had a winter weather advisory this weekend, I decided to road trip out there. Well, the winter storm advisory probably should have been a winter storm warning (with big exclamation points)...the roads were completely snow-covered and very slick...but the falls really were beautiful in the snow. It was well worth the trip.

Here are a few shots...

This place bills itself as "The smallest church in 48 states". Had I known how bad the roads were going to get, I probably should have said a small prayer.

Blackwater Falls in the snow

Blackwater Falls in the snow, from a higher vantage point

Blackwater Falls from the other side of the ridge

Usually I don't need a sign to remind me, but I found this helpful

More pictures from the shoot can be viewed here - Snowy Blackwater Falls

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics - as always :)