Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wintertime at Cunningham Falls

Located in the Catoctin Mountains, Cunningham Falls State Park is best known for its 78-foot cascading waterfall. Me and a few friends took a road trip out that way on a snowy morning to get some pictures. Being there in the early am was great, we had the entire place to ourselves, there were no footprints in the snow (except for deer tracks) and everything was very quiet.
There is a nice viewing platform at the base of the falls, but I also wanted some different views, so I climbed up the icy rocks to the top. The cascading falls were interesting to shoot, rather than having one point of interest, there were a series of smaller waterfalls.

The view from the base of the falls

The stream at the base of the falls

Midway up the falls

At the top of the falls

To see more images from this shoot, click here - Cunningham Falls in February

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