Friday, May 29, 2009

Delfest 2009

DelFest is bluegrass legend Del McCoury's annual music festival, held in Cumberland Maryland at the Allegany County Fairground. I was fortunate enough to have attended several days of the three day festival this year. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the event...

Sam Bush

Del McCoury


The Darkstar Orchestra

DelFest - fun for all ages

To see more pics from the festival, click here - DelFest 2009

Del McCoury and the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

This past week I had an opportunity to ride along on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad with Del McCoury, his family and a couple hundred bluegrass fans. The Bluegrass Train was sponsored by WAMU Bluegrass Radio. During the layover in Frostburg, Del performed a few songs with Vinegar Creek Constituency. It was a great time. Here are a few photos from the event...

Katy Daley and the WAMU fans preparing to board the train in Cumberland

Del spends some time in the cab of #734

Del & his family in the open-air car as the train steams toward Frostburg

Performing with the Vinegar Creek Constituency at the Frostburg Depot.

You can see all of the pictures from the event here - Del McCoury and the WMSR

Chek out my friend Ty's fantastic video of the event - Ty's Bluegrass Train video

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Delfest 2009 - The big storm

Wow, while shooting the DelFest music festival this weekend I ended up in the middle of the craziest storm I had ever seen in Cumberland. Rain, wind, hail, rapidly changing temperatures, thunder & lightning....this storm had it all. When the hail & rain weren't coming in totally sideways, I managed to raise the camera to snap a few pics. Here are a few of them...

Trying to secure the beer tent

This was dry grass 15 minutes earlier

The aftermath the next day...all the trashed Ez-Up tents

The rest of the storm pics are here - DelFest hail storm

Here are some great stories from the storm - DelFest storm stories

..and finally, to experience just how bad it was, check out this video. Watch how quickly that Ez-Up tent gets trashed. Great American Taxi's Delfest 2009 set

Friday, May 22, 2009

Night at the Carnival

I always enjoy when Gambill Amusements come to town. Not only are they the nicest people you'll ever meet, they put on a first rate carnival. It really turns Canal Place into the place to be. I plan to spend some more time down there this weekend, but here are a few shots from my Thursday night visit.

More shots from this year & from last year are HERE

For more information about Gambill Amusements

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad station at night

One quick image...taken on a rainy / misty night.

"I'm boarding the express, wrapped snuggly in my mink to meet my lover Carlos...I have the money hidden in my garter, and when we meet we'll make our grand escape."

Text by my good friend Michelle O'Mealy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Phil Keoghan of the Amazing Race visits Frostburg & Cumberland

In an event coordinated by the Allegany County Department of Tourism, Koehgan rode from Frostburg to Cumberland on the Great Allegheny Passage - Maryland as part of his "Ride Across America". The New Zealander also visited with fans at the Frostburg Trailhead and staged a video/photo session with the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad locomotive on his way to Hagerstown. Koeghan's trek was one of forty different 100 mile jaunts in a ride for MS which ends May 9th in New York City.

For more information or to support Phil's MS ride, click here.

To see more pictures from his Frostburg / Cumberland visit, click here.

Phil at the Frostburg portion of the Allegheny Highlands Trail

Phil reaches Cumberland

Phil approaching the Western Maryland steam engine #734

Phil and his father watch as the train pulls into the station

Phil taking #734 for a spin

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's steam season...

Ok, now it's official, spring is here. Flowers are blooming, things are green again...and most importantly, steam engines are once again roaming free throughout the countryside.
Here are some shots from the first run of 2009 for the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad (WMSR).