Sunday, June 14, 2009

Room 2020

Are you afraid of the dark? If so, you should request Room 2020 at the Holiday Inn Express in Charles Town, WV. They generously provide you with the highest powered night light that I've ever seen.

The innocent looking nightlight by day

My room at 11pm with no absolutely no other lights on in the room.

The view from the bed. Sunrise already? Nope, still 11 pm. Grandpa, is that you?
There were no curtains to close, only the sheer white ones were adjustable. Those dark ones to the side are just decoration.

Further, if you're hungry while In Charles Town, you should get a Giant hoagie with the works from Jersey Mike's. Great stuff...

Here's the hoagie, with a 2 Litre soda for scale (um, and to wash it down).

Here's the aftermath...


Glenn said...

Bill, a true photographer you are :-)

Only my family ever saw the pics I took, otherwise they never saw the light of day - HA! - little play on words there :-)

Did you resort to using the bedspread? Did you get any sleep? Yeah, I know, too many questions.

Merlavage Images said...

Hi Glenn, I made a little wall from the extra pillows to sleep behind.