Sunday, October 25, 2009

A guestbook is not a toy...

Ok, a little background info. Steve & I had a Featured Artist Show at Arts at Canal Place this past weekend. We went back and forth on our show dates, we originally planned a November show, then flip-flopped and wound up with a September/October show. Then we changed the opening date from September to October....well, anyway, in the end, I ended up accidentally double-booking myself and scheduling the opening on a day that I was also shooting a wedding.

So, since I wasn't going to be there, I left a guestbook for people to sign to leave comments about the show, ask questions about the photos, etc. Well, it seems the beers were flowing pretty well at the reception, you can see the comments below. I'm not even sure what a lot of it even means, WTF does WTF mean??

...all kidding aside, thank you all for coming to the opening, and I do appreciate the comments. I had a great laugh this morning reading them when I went in to the gallery to take down the show. I really am sorry I couldn't be there, you can ask Steve, everytime I spoke to him leading up to the opening I would tell him that I feel like a jerk for not being there.

Thanks again...I appreciate your support!


Glenn said...

Hey Bill,

It seems that I missed a great show. From reading the messages it looks like I would have had as much fun watching the viewers as well as checking out your work. :-)

mindy said...

well I think that missing the show was worth it just to get the guestbook! Looks like you have great friends with great senses of humor!