Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cumberland Goes to War 2009 - the first weekend

Cumberland Goes to War is a 2-week event recognizing the “greatest generation” and their sacrifices – both on the homefront and in battle. You can see a complete listing of all scheduled events here - Cumberland Goes to War schedule.

Here are a few photos from the first weekend of activities:

Rosie the Riveter was there...

...as were FDR and The Andrews Sisters.

There's a large encampment full of re-enactors.

Just don't forget to bring your papers.

You can see more pictures from the event here - more pictures.


Steve Gray said...

Nice job, Bill. Amazing retro looks from all those people (and props). Was this a community event?

Merlavage Images said...

Thanks Steve. Yes, it's a downtown Cumberland event...there are a lot of events throughout the week, into the coming weekend. It's an annual event.