Monday, November 16, 2009

Cumberland Goes to War - week 2 - Planes, Trains & um...Jeeps

Weekend number two of Cumberland Goes to War was a lot of fun. Abbott & Costello (and Scoop) were in town to perform and entertain people on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.
A B-25 Bomber also landed at the Cumberland Airport and offered tours, flights and plenty of photo-opportunities with Rosie the Riveter and Abbott & Costello (and Scoop).

Abbott & Costello (and Scoop) pose with Conductor Richard Markle as they board the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

The whole gang in a WWII jeep

The B-25 "Panchito" taking passengers for a fly-over Cumberland

Rosie in the B-25

Boarding the B-25 the hard way

You can see more images from the event here - Cumberland Goes to War 2009.

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