Wednesday, March 3, 2010

High-pass filter technique

I read about a cool high-pass filter technique the other day on Strobist, so I decided to give it a try on a pic of the pups. I think the overall effect is a bit strong for my tastes, but by using a duplicate layer & bringing the opacity way down (this is at about 25%), I like the results.


Anonymous said...

Highpass used to be the only way I sharpened. It can be brutal on "hair" though so using the layer mask and brushing back some of the softness helped.

I dont know why I got away from highpass...because it really works beautifully on some photos (like urban building shots etc.)

I like your photo of the pups!


Merlavage Images said...

Thanks Mindy, great info. I've always used USM for sharpening, but I like the effect this created. It's always cool exploring new ways to do things. Great to hear from you.


Glenn said...

Hey Bill, nicely done; as usual :-)

I, too, like the High Pass method but you might also try the "Adjust Sharpness" method on Photoshop. When using the Lens Blue selection it is like using the High Pass method but I think it gives better control.

I don't necessarily use the method described here:

but when creating a photo for printing I adjust the amount for around 65 to 75 and when creating photos for web viewing I adjust the amount to around 15 to 35. As for the radius I rarely change it.

You might give this a try as well and Scott Kelby highly recommends it.