Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet Stanley the Puggle

Well, Stanley has been here for over 60 days, so I guess he's officially staying with us (plus I lost the receipt).
The weather was really beautiful today, so we did a quick photo session in the yard.

All shots natural light, f4 with a 70-200 lens.


Glenn said...

Love that you got down to his level and in the first two he looks like he is smiling at you. In the last one that is a smile that says "you're mine, got you where I want you".

Nice work, Bill. And I love that lens... :-)

Mr. Puggle® said...

Hi Stanley! I am Mr. Puggle.

Awesome pictures. Maybe you can be in our Puggle Calendar next year to raise money for our local shelter?

Hang out with the puggle posse sometime. Btw, the lady that feeds we is a photographer too. :)

Merlavage Images said...

Thanks Glenn...he's a very happy pup.

Thanks Mr Puggle...Stanley says he'd love to assist with your fundraiser.