Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DelFest - Day 1 (The Avett Brothers!)

Ok, the Avett Brothers are one of my favorite bands, so having the opportunity to see them play was a definite thrill. In fact, they were so entertaining I had to keep reminding myself to pick up the camera to get photos. I had originally intended to photograph them from several different angles, but once they started I didn't want to lose my spot at the front of the stage. : )
Here are a few of the shots...

The Avett Brothers are an amazing band to see live...strings breaking on every song and tons of energy (for example, in that last pic, two of them are in mid-air). If you're not familiar with this band, you really need to check them out.
You can start here - The Avett Brothers

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michelle o'mealy said...

Love these guys! They are favs in this area too!