Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hewitt Covered Bridge in Bedford County, Pa

I took a ride out to Hewitt Covered Bridge this morning. When I got there the light was perfect; it was right after sunrise and the bridge is down in a valley, so the sun was just starting to appear over the top of the mountain...with the light hitting the trees just above the bridge with a nice warm light.

That light didn't last long; once the sun got a little higher, the light was very contrasty, so I decided to bracket some shots for some HDR conversion. Here are a few of the HDR shots:

There are a few more images HERE if you're interested in seeing them all.

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Glenn said...

Bill, these are really nice. The HDR shots are fantastic, but the photo I like best is the first one on your post. The composition and the lighting makes this one stand out and it is easy to just look at and enjoy.

I've gotta make it out with you sometime so I can learn some of the good stuff that you do... :-)