Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some photos from the 2010 Worldwide Photo Walk in Cumberland, Maryland

This weekend I had the opportunity to lead the Cumberland Maryland portion of the 2010 Worldwide Photo Walk. It was fun to be a part of it; there were 1,111 total walks going on, with over 33,500 walkers.
Our group took a walk up historic Washington Street in downtown Cumberland, Maryland.

I'm still loving my new wide-angle lens, so that's all I brought. I also did a 3-exposure bracket of each shot so I could fool around with some HDR conversion...

We started our walk at the Western Maryland Railroad Station, just as a late afternoon dinner train was departing.

The back entrance to the Emmanual Episcopal Church

I saw this door a little further up the alley and thought it looked cool. I had to crop this photo when I got home, the shadow of my tripod was on the far left. Oops.

Here's a view of Cumberland from the base of Emmanual Episcopal Church.

I found these pipes behind the Cumberland Library.

This shot was pretty difficult...I think I'm still seeing spots...

Here's our group, bravely trying to pretend that it's NOT 110 degrees in the shade.

Thanks to everyone for braving the heat & showing up....

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