Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sideling Hill - The Gateway to Western Maryland

Whenever I'm coming home from anywhere east of Cumberland, I always feel like I'm in the home stretch when I pass through the giant cut in the mountain at Sideling Hill. Coming down off that mountain, I feel like I'm finally back home in western Maryland.

Each of these two pics were three bracketed exposure shots (-1, 0 +1) merged into one file. In hindsight, I should have underexposed the -1 file a bit more, since it still contains some blown whites above the mountain. If nothing else, it gives me reason to go back and attempt this shot again. : )


Glenn said...

Outstanding images, Bill; both of them. That lens is really something and the way you are using HDR is amazing. You do have the touch... :-)

Merlavage Images said...

Thanks Glenn...I've shot Sideling Hill many times, but never with a wide angle. I think it helps put the size in perspective.