Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Splash of Color

I passed this old barn today driving out past Finzel. I thought it was a nice contrast to the dreary-looking sky.


Shane Odom said...

Hi Bill,
Mask maker Shane here.

Beautiful image! I would like the know the story behind that Barn Sign. Looks like a quilt patterned, rendered like a "Hex Sign". I have a strong interest in them.

Nice to connect with you on Blogger. I have been on Live Journal for years, but recently making the jump.

Merlavage Images said...

Thanks Shane...I know nothing about the sign, but I'll ask around.
Great to hear from you.


Steve Gray said...

That's pretty cool. Quite a dramatic, modern addition to what is otherwise quite a traditional scene. The colors pop so much, it's almost like it's been added in post (and I know it hasn't been). Great capture.


Glenn said...

Love this photo. You keep showing images like this and you'll make an HDR believer out of me yet... :-)

Merlavage Images said...

Thanks guys.
Steve, I drive past this barn all the time, it never seemed picture-worthy...but the dark sky really clashed with the bright artwork.

Stephen said...

Simple and neat :)