Monday, October 11, 2010

The Covered Bridges of Bedford County

While I was out photographing the bridges of Bedford County this weekend I thought of a great idea for a movie script. It's about this photographer dude who is photographing covered bridges in a specific county & this lady who seems to like him. My current draft also has a lot of aliens, but they may get dropped from the final version.

Anyway, I was in Bedford over the weekend, so I decided to take a drive and photograph some of the bridges. Here are some of the shots...

Claycomb Covered Bridge

Cuppett's Covered Bridge

Turner's Covered Bridge

Colvin Covered Bridge

Herline Covered Bridge

Snook's Covered Bridge

Dr. Kniseley Covered Bridge

Ryot Covered Bridge

I also took different variations of each bridge, if you'd like to see all 32 photos, you can view them here - Bedford Covered Bridges.
Here's one other from Bedford County that I had photographed previously - Hewitt Covered bridge.